Ashley Lynn Photography- $100 Product Credit is Back!

Ashley Lynn Photography- Portrait Pricing

Like many other businesses recently, my pricing structure changed.

During this reconstruction of my services, I decided to bring back a $100 product credit. This is something that I have offered in the past for my clients and I decided to bring it back, because it’s really at the core values of my business & what I want to offer my clients.
Keep reading to see why this is so important…

How To Get Your $100 Product Credit

Any client who books a full 1-hour session at my new pricing will automatically receive a $100 print credit. In addition to receiving 50+ final images, you can now select a handful of your favorite images to print.
My prints are actual photographs. This means your images are actually burned into professional light-sensitive paper. This is a much higher quality photographic print than an ink print you’d get anywhere else. Print pricing starts at $20. I also offer a variety of other products that you can also purchase with your $100 credit, such as Canvas Wraps, Wood Prints, Albums, Acrylic Prints etc.

This offer is not available on past sessions, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

The Importance of Printing Your Portraits

I brought this offer back because it’s really important to me that my clients get professional quality products of their photographs. Plus, I want my clients to enjoy their portraits in a real, material way, so they aren’t just sitting on the computer. Photography is an investment and I want my clients to make the most of theirs.

I’ve discussed the value of displaying family portraits in the home in the past, but I don’t think it can be overstated. Studies have shown that children who grow up in a home with family photos on display have a greater sense of confidence and belonging. Understanding where they come from starts by recognizing the faces of their loved ones. Displaying photos of your kids lets them know you are proud of them.

Ashley Lynn Photography- Portrait Session Pricing

Why Choose Professional Prints?

My professionally-printed photographs are high-quality and unique. They will last over 100 years on display in your home, and 200 years in dark storage. All other products are also printed with professional grade products, but the process for each process may be slightly different.
This means the products you’ll receive with your family photo sessions will be heirloom quality!

Not only do professional-quality prints last longer, but they also provide better color vibrancy and sturdiness. While you can print photos at drugstores and supercenters, you can expect things like color tones and contrast to suffer. Since other printers are not calibrated with my professional equipment, they offer a lesser value product.
I want my client’s photographs to be displayed and look the way they were meant to look for many years to come.

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