Summer Lifestyle Session

Brooks is One!

It’s the little moments that make life magical
(and good lighting).

This session is such a sweet representation of those carefree evenings as summer comes to an unwelcomed end.
I remember the thrill of running barefoot through the sprinkler. Wet grass on my feet and hands. Slurping watermelon juice with abandon and spitting the seeds to the ground in hopes of growing my very own watermelon patch.

This lifestyle session was taken at my home just outside Xenia, Ohio.
The little bugs photographed here are my niece and nephews.
And yes, they are really this cute.


This is such a beautiful moment to me and I know Erika, my sister-in-law will probably not like that I posted it, but I have to. She is such a wonderful mother and I know she is stressed and tired a lot of the time, but to me this tiny fragmented moment shows her beauty and love in such a perfect way.

Aunt Ashee

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