The Lord of the Rings Hobbiton

 New-Zealand-Hobbiton-doors-hobbit-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (30)

Photographs of Our New Zealand Hobbiton Tour

A few months ago Brant & I were able to take a dream trip of ours to New Zealand. We’ve wanted to go there for many years and it was incredible, as we suspected!

One of the things I always said I’d do if I ever went to New Zealand was visit the Hobbiton Movie Set, where they filmed The Lord of The Rings. This magical little village was tucked away between many rolling hills and sheep farms. Needless to say it was adorable! Oh how I wish I lived in Hobbiton. If I did, my door would obviously be teal.

New-Zealand-Hobbiton-Map-by-Ashley-Lynn-PhotographyNew-Zealand-Hobbiton-Landscape-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (32)New-Zealand-landscape-sheep-rolling-hills-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (31)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (4)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (5)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (6)

Clotheslines like the one behind me had tiny little clothes on them and the director made someone walk to and from the clotheslines everyday, so that it would make a realistic dirt path.

New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (7)

This is the fence that Bilbo jumped over in The Hobbit movie.

New-Zealand-The-Hobbit-Fence-Jump-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (8)

I loved all the tiny props, especially these cute little mailboxes!New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (10)New-Zealand-Lord-of-the-Rings-door-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (11)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (12)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (13)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (14)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (15)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (16)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-the-Lord-of-the-Rings-tree-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (17)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (18)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (19)

This yellow door belongs to Sam’s house! Eeeeeeeh!

New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (20)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-green-dragon-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (21)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (22)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (23)New-Zealand-Green-Dragon-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (24)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-inside-Green-Dragon-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (25)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-inside-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (26)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-Green-Dragon-inside-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (27)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-inside-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (28)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (29)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (1)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (3)New-Zealand-Hobbiton-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (2)

I hope this post inspired you to get out and do the things you always said you would,

“Because if you don’t leave home and embark on your own adventure, you will never really live at all. ” –Selina Wilken

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