Baked by Rach and Loo


A New Dayton, Ohio Bakery

A few weeks ago, I did a bakery shoot in my home for one of my very best friends, Rachael. Rachael recently started a home bakery, with the help of her three sisters. The bakery is called Baked by Rach and Loo.

I’ve known Rachael most of my life. We met in 3rd grade and we were roommates together for a year after college. We’ve been through everything together. All of our major life moments have been spent along side each other. There aren’t many people who stick tried and true with you over the years, but I’ve been blessed to have a few, Rachael being one of them. You couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Not only is Rachael an amazing person, she’s also an excellent baker! This is coming from a major sweets addict. I pride myself on my ability to eat an obscene amount of sugar after a large meal. Claiming, that I have a separate stomach compartment solely for sweets.

Her macarons are the best I’ve ever had and the blackberry cake she made for my baby shower has now become my favorite. She’s truly talented and is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. I grow tried just thinking of all she does each day.

Her 3 sisters, Alexis (who’s nickname is Loo), Kirsten and Jacquie are also sweethearts. You couldn’t ask for a better family to make your next events treats!
You can find them here on Facebook and their website.

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