Dayton, Ohio Professional Headshots


Professional Headshot Session-
Dayton Ohio

I love getting to help small business owners by taking their professional headshots. Good headshot photographs are a must for any business owner wanting to be taken seriously as a professional in their field. Your photograph will be the first opportunity to make a positive impression on potential clients and will give you the opportunity to portray your personal brand in a unique way. Your photo will also help any new clients feel as if they already know and can trust you, before they even start working with your business.

This photo session was photographed at my downtown Dayton, Ohio studio located in the Davis-Linden Building. I love taking professional headshot photos here, because the natural light coming in through the huge windows, is beautiful and there are multiple background and prop options. The cream couch is one of my favorite pieces in the studio and works for almost every session I photograph here.




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