Printing Photos: What To Know

Printing photos is very important to me, and not just because I’m a photographer. In addition to incorporating intimate, exciting and special moments into your living space, printed photos can also have transformative effects.

In our post on how to hang printed photos in the home, we shared some great tips & information. Studies have shown that children who grow up in a home with family photos on display give them greater confidence and a better sense of belonging and understanding of where they come from. Displaying photos of your kids lets them know you are proud of them.

Printing Photos Professionally

My professionally-printed photographs are high-quality and unique. They will last over 100 years in typical home display and 200 years in dark storage. Commercially-displayed photos should last between one and five years depending on how they are printed and cared for.

The photo prints I offer are real photographs, meaning the printers expose light-sensitive paper with image, then the photographic print is run through a chemical process. These are actual photographs, not inkjet prints!

My prints start at $20 and are printed on professional-grade papers. Once ordered, you should receive all your products within two weeks, usually sooner. However, albums can take longer.

Printing your photos doesn't have to be complicated. We offer printed photo packages at a variety of price points.

Don’t Be Afraid To Print Yourself

These days, access to high-quality printing services is a matter of a few clicks. Printing photos yourself offers more control over design, especially for products such as albums. Best of all, these types of software are easy and convenient to use. I allow printing privileges to all my clients with the digital images from their wedding & portrait sessions.

Self-printing also offers cheaper price points, though products may not be as high of quality and may not last as long. The color and contrast from these outside printers may be off, from my profession print labs since they are calibrated with my editing monitors.

Pro tip: Despite their many options, Walmart and drug store prints don’t compare to the quality of professional printing companies. Usually the color is way off.

Where To Order Prints Online

No matter your printing needs, we have the best online solutions curated for you. For invitations and cards, head to Basic Invite where you can save 20% off your order with referral code “ashleylynn”

Looking for albums, frames or gifts? Pinhole Press has tons of great options from custom board books, memory games and more.

If your style is more contemporary, Artifact Uprising is the perfect online printing destination for you. Artifact Uprising features wooden photo boxes, custom albums, calendars and more ( I love their matte prints). Plus, you can snag a discount if you sign up for their newsletter.

Pro tip: Be sure to download and save digital images in multiple locations in case a hard drive crashes.

Portraits in the home hold so much importance. Learn more about how to order and care for your photography products.

Caring For Your Printed Photography

Caring for your prints doesn’t require much time or effort. Start by selecting the appropriate space in your home. Avoid direct sunlight and keep images away from water. When dusting, opt for gentle materials like features or microfiber.

Pro tip: Framing prints immediately after receiving helps prevent any type of damage. Archival frames and matting are best for preservation.

Canvases and albums can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. I’ve also used plain water or a gentle cleanser to remove fingerprints off album covers.

From canvas to archival frames, printed photos preserve your fondest memories for years to come.

I offer all sorts of printing solutions for my clients. Whether they be newly captured portraits or just new additions to your family photo albums, I can help you select the perfect products for preserving your family portraits.

Comment below and tell me how you love to display photos in your home.

xoxo, Ashley

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