What’s in My Carry-On?

1lowIf you don’t know it already, my husband Brant & I love traveling!
Whether it be road trips, cruises, or international traveling, we love it all.
This past summer we vacationed in Italy!
(And no, I still haven’t organized all those photos yet.)

It was such a great experience, but I did a lot of planning and consideration when packing my carry-on bag. You want it to have everything you need, but for it to also be light enough to carry around everywhere. We were traveling to multiple cities by train and having to lug our bags though cobblestone streets to reach our hotel rooms, so we needed the bags to be manageable.

Here are some of my flight travel tips:

Keep in mind while flying that you need to stay hydrated! The plane air is very dry and you are more likely to get dehydrated faster when you’re high in the sky.

Most flights allow you to have a “carry-on” and a “personal item”, which can be another bag. Be sure to check with your specific flight to see what is allowed for the weight and size requirements.
I usually have a camera bag for my “personal item” with an extra pair of clothes. I do this in case they lose my checked bag and I don’t want to be without fresh clothing.
Then, I have my “carry-on” which contains the following…

  1. A good book or 2, or maybe even 3, to kill time on the flight and during layovers.
  2. Comfy socks to wear on a long flight.
  3. A collapsible water bottle, to fill up at the airport water fountain once you’ve gone through security. Bottled water at the airport is so expensive!
  4. Tissues, because like I said, there is something about that cabin air that tends to make my nose dry and sniffly.
  5. A RFID passport wallet. I used a pink leather one to hold my cash, cards, passport and a pen.
  6. Pink passport cover just to add a little color to your life :)
  7. Face hydrating spray, face cleansing towelettes, lotion, chap stick and mascara to freshen up before the landing.
  8. Lavender and peppermint oil blend in a roll on bottle. This helps you feel relaxed and refreshed during the flight. Also great to prevent sniffles.
  9. Raw almonds and chocolate covered blueberries are a great healthy snack instead of a candy bar. It’s hard to eat healthy at the airport.
  10. My Pentax K1000 camera and film come with me. I have them check the film by hand at security to prevent it going through the x-ray machines. I also have my digital camera and lenses. I want to have all my cameras on the flight with me, so they’re handled with care.
  11. Pill cases are so handy to keep all the medications/supplements you may need. Especially for overnight flights.
  12. Ear plugs aren’t just great to block out the sound, but there is a type that actually protects your ears against that painful pressure that many people experience when taking off and landing. You can get them at any pharmacy.
  13. Gum also helps on those long flights to freshen your breath and can help with the ear pressure.
  14. Headphones are a good idea, because the ones you get on flight sometimes aren’t free and they aren’t that great.
  15. My blue Laura Ashley travel document holder was amazing to keep extra copies of our drivers license, passport and insurance cards. I also kept pre-purchased tickets, directions and hotel confirmations in it. It kept everything neat and organized.

    Soon Brant & I will be traveling to New Zealand and I’m using these same tips for that VERY LONG flight as well. I hope these help you too.

    Happy Travels!

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