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I LOVE when my clients bring their dogs to their photo sessions, whether it be a senior session, family session or even a wedding day, because it means they love their dogs like I do and consider them part of the family.
Most of my family photographs hanging on my walls at home have Paisley in them.

Keep in mind that some dogs get very excited being in a new location, so we may not be able to get every shot of the dog looking at the camera, especially if there are multiple dogs. They are animals after all. I always do my very best to get “the perfect shot,” but I will not over extend the dog or put them under stress to get a photograph.
It is always best if your dog is trained, even if they only know “sit” and “stay.” These two commands are especially important when dealing with larger dogs.

Here are my requirements when bringing a dog to a session…

1. Please tell me ahead of time if you plan on bringing your dog to a session. Some locations do not allow animals and there are rules I need to go over with you.

2. Ohio laws require dogs must always be under control by the owners. Dogs should always wear a collar and leash in public. Dogs must be leashed during the entire session. We can hide the leash in posing. Safety is the number one priority.

3. If your dog is aggressive towards strangers, please do not bring them to a photo session.

4. I also require that you have someone there to take the dog during the photos that will not have the dog in them. This friend can take the dog home early or walk around with us. Please don’t leave your dog in the car. This can be dangerous, depending on the ever changing Ohio weather.

Here are some tips I suggest to help a pet session go smoothly…

5. It is a good idea, if possible to bring your dog to the session location before the actual session date. This way it isn’t a totally new place, and they will not be as excited.

6. Bathe and brush your dog, so they are looking their best.

7. Bring small treats you know your dogs loves.

8. Bring a favorite squeaky toy, to get their attention.

9. Bring poo bags, because, you know.

10. Bring some water to keep them hydrated. Dogs pant more when they are excited.

11. A lint brush is also great to have.

12. Take your dog on a walk before the session to get some of that energy out.


If you have any more questions or concerns please let me know!




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