New Zealand Kitchen

DSC_3450While we were in New Zealand a couple months ago, Brant caught a Wrasse fish at the beach that was walking distance from our bach, on the South Island. That fish became our lunch and he was delicious!

I decided to document Brant hard at work in the kitchen for my very first shoot for my recipe book. Oh, didn’t I tell you that I’m making a family recipe photography book?!
I have been wanting to create one for a long time and made it my New Year’s resolution to start in 2017.

My family has so many awesome recipes and I want to make sure I have them all in one place. I’ve also never liked when recipe books don’t have photographs for each recipe, so my book will have plenty of pictures, don’t you worry.
Yes, I will read books without picture in them, but if they happen to have lots of pretty, pretty pictures that makes them even better!
And I want to see the final dish before I make it, to make sure mine looks right when finished and to see if it looks appetizing before I even start. But mainly, I just want that reassurance that mine looks semi close to the recipe book’s photo.

This recipe is as simple as they get. We cook all fish pretty much the same way in our house (except salmon, because I hate salmon!) It’s just your fish of choice, lots of butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper. You can either fry or bake it.

Behold, the master at work…





A good meal is all about the freshness & quality of the ingredients, along with the people you share it with… but a view like this helps too!




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