Paulena – Dance Session

A Dayton Ohio Dance Photography Session


I was in total awe as I photographed this beautiful dance photography session. Paulena is an amazing dancer and as I was photographing her in my downtown Dayton studio space, I told her I couldn’t believe how she could move. She told me that she stretches an hour or more a day. Now that’s discipline and determination! I found myself standing in front of this young girl and totally respecting & admiring her. I want to be like Paulena when I grow up!

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a ballet dancer, but I was always too shy to tell my mom that I wanted to dance. So now, I have to settle for watching So You Think You Can Dance. That’s why I also get super excited when I have the chance to photograph dancers.

We started the session with her doing some stretching to prepare for some of the amazing poses she pulled off later in the shoot. She also ran through a few of her dance routines, so I could get her actually dancing. She has several styles of dance and outfits for her competitions; a sparkly contemporary look, a 50’s polka dot style outfit & a floral pinup dress. My favorite was the contemporary!

Stretch- Dance-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (1)

Dayton-Studio-Dance-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (17)

backbend-Ohio-Dance-Photography-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (15)


Floral-Dress- Sheepskin-by-Ashley-Lynn-Photography (7)

If you are a dancer and are interested in booking a photography session, please contact me! I’d love to live vicariously through you!

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