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Honey Farm Wedding Reception Venue Dayton Ohio by Ashley Lynn Photography (13)

Dayton, Ohio
ShaTerra Jenkins Beauty Studio

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with ShaTerra Jenkins of ShaTerra Jenkins Beauty Studio during a styled wedding workshop at The Honey Farm. We’ve also continued to get to know each other through the local Dayton Tuesday’s networking group. ShaTerra is so sweet and she’s amazing at her craft! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to photograph her beautiful work.

ShaTerra was kind enough to do a little interview for me…


Here’s some questions I had for ShaTerra-


What do you do & how long have you been doing this?

 I am a licensed esthetician which means that my main focus is beauty and anything skincare related. I have a team of hair and makeup artists for weddings throughout Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus which is pretty in demand. Outside of weddings, I specialize in lash extensions, full body waxing, makeup lessons, and soon microblading. I have been in business for 7 years.


How did you end up in your line of work?

I ended up in this line of work by accident and I guess curiosity honestly. I originally was modeling but I wanted to take another avenue and still be in the industry. I am an artist by skill. I started freehand drawing in 5th grade so makeup was easy for me to just pick up right away. I practiced for a year then it just took off from there. The rest is history! The more experienced I became with makeup, the more interest grew for different beauty outlets. 


I know you’re teaching now too, how has that grown your business and craft?

Yes! That was shocking. I never expected to become an esthetics instructor at the beauty school. I was asked by one of the administrators that knew me prior to me going to school. She saw me grow before, during, and after my time in school. She felt that it’d be a great asset to the students as I possessed a side that they were seeking to help students with more insight that wanted to start their own businesses. It has grown my business because I am able to teach students how to do lash extensions with classes that I hold as well as other workshops. This was definitely another aspect that I’m still growing. Clients also trust me more because I am an instructor as well.



What makes you most passionate about what you do?

What makes me most passionate is helping every day women see the beauty within themselves and educating them about the beauty that they already possess. It saddens me how many women don’t feel good or confident about themselves. I don’t just provide a service, I provide an experience. That’s how my clients remember me. I also help them with options for them to continue at home care even if they never come back to see me.


Best advice for a client needing hair and makeup?

The best advice is to get on a skincare regimen and find products that work best for skin and hair. I like to stay on the more natural organic side with products because anything of the earth without many additives and chemicals performs a lot better than weighing the skin and hair down with too many chemicals. Water is also your best friend. staying hydrated provides a natural glow and shine on its own. Hydration and consistency is key to making your overall makeup and hair results the very best. The makeup and hair just wears better.

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