Elliot’s Birth

Dickerson (18)

Elliot’s Birth Photography

I’m so thankful that Ashley from Ashley Meyer Photography did Elliot’s birth photography. Since we I had an unplanned c-section she was gracious enough to stay late after my recovery to get photos of family and friends since she wasn’t allowed in the actual delivery room. The nurses were kind enough to get photos and video of the delivery room and you can view those and read Elliot’s entire birth story here.

Thank you Ashley!!!

Dickerson (2)Dickerson (7)The number 7 happens to be my favorite number :)

Dickerson (4)Dickerson (12)Dickerson (20)Dickerson (27)Dickerson (29)Dickerson (30)Dickerson (33)Dickerson (35)Dickerson (43)Dickerson (45)Dickerson (46)Dickerson (52)Dickerson (53)Dickerson (55)Dickerson (58)Dickerson (68)Dickerson (56)Dickerson (59)Dickerson (60)Dickerson (61)Dickerson (63)Dickerson (65)Dickerson (71)Dickerson (72)Dickerson (73)Dickerson (75)Dickerson (78)Dickerson (79)Dickerson (80)Dickerson (84)Dickerson (85)Dickerson (88)Dickerson (89)Dickerson (91)Dickerson (90)Dickerson (92)





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