Happy Veterans Day!


Military Homecoming

I have always wanted to document a military homecoming and this fall one of my clients told me her husband had been deployed and had missed the birth of their baby boy. Luckily, he was able to Skype in during the birth, but when he arrived home that would be the first time he’d meet his son in person. I knew I wanted to document this special moment for them!
Just having a baby myself, I can’t even imagine this! Our military give up so much to protect our wonderful country and I am so thankful for the veterans and their families, because they sacrifice so much for the greater good.

Thank you Andy, for your service and to all the veterans!
God Bless the Vets!








2 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day!

  1. These are wonderful pictures! Looks like you captured the moment beautifully. Thank you Ashley for sharing the story, and thank you to all those who have and still do serve in the military.

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