Elliot’s First Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Baby Boy Session-

DIY Heart Bokeh Filter

Today is my baby boy’s first Valentine’s Day, so I finally tried a technique I’ve wanted to experiment with for years. I made a DIY heart camera lens filter out of cardstock and attached it to my lens. The effect makes the twinkle lights in the background heart shaped. You can do this with a lot of different shapes, like stars, snowflakes, etc. I did do some images without the filter too.

In order to create this technique you need…

  1. DSLR camera
  2. A Lens that allows you to open up your aperture to at least a 2.8 f stop or lower.
  3. The subject needs to be at least 4 ft. from the twinkle lights.
  4. The photographer needs to be about 3 ft. from the subject
  5. DIY heart “filter” (see last 2 images)

I found that shooting with the filter, made a vignette, or dark edges. It also made for a low contrast image so I had to pump up the contrast in editing, but I love the way they turned out!








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