Elliot’s Tree- Dayton Photographer

A Boy & His Tree,
Dayton Photographer

In the fall after Elliot was born we planted a Weeping Willow tree in our backyard. We thought it would be special to plant a tree the year he was born, that could be ‘his’ tree. They could both grow together and we plan on getting Elliot’s picture next to it each year. Now I’m not a green thumb, but I really love plants. I’ve also always dreamed, even as a little girl, about having a Weeping Willow. They are so beautiful and seem like the friendliest of all the trees.

The Weeping Willow has many symbolic meanings, some of which are; life, growth, strength, harmony, healing, bright future, & adaptability. The willow tree’s ability to not only survive, but thrive in some of the most challenging conditions makes it a very interesting tree.
A few weeks ago we dedicated Elliot at our church. Brant and I both wrote separate prayers and then combined them into one that Brant read that day surrounded by our family. Much of what we hope and pray for little Elliot’s life are also represented in the willow’s meaning.

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