The Giving Trees- By Film Inspired Dayton Ohio Family Photographer

Siblings standing together for photograph taken by family photographer Ashley Lynn Photography

Birth Tree- Our Family Tradition-
Dayton Ohio Family Photographer

As a Dayton Ohio family photographer it might be obvious that I’m sentimental at heart. So naturally, I also relish in family traditions. One of my very favorite traditions our family does is planting our Birth Trees. We started this tradition the year my son was born. We decide to plant a tree for each of our children during the year they were born.
A weeping willow for my son and a weeping cherry tree for my daughter.
Though the weeping trees can be a symbol of sadness, I have always love them and have always wanted these lovely trees.
Willows are know to be a reminder that you should remain humble before God. Willows are also a symbol of loss and hope, and associated with blessings of God providing for His people.

Weeping Cherry trees represent joy, beauty, rebirth and revival. It also symbolizes overcoming hardships.

Here’s a neat look at the trees that go along with each month.

Here’s a look back at Elliot’s first year with his tree.

Each year towards in the summer I take a photo of the kids in front of their trees. I love seeing how they grow with each passing year.

The photographs below were taken during the Summer of 2023…


“Once there were two trees and they loved a little boy & a little girl…

Dayton Ohio Family Photographer shares family tradition boy kneeling beside his birth tree for a family photographer kids holding hands and walking away in grass. Boy jumping by his birth tree outside. Birth Tree Family Tradition Child in a weeping willow tree. Taken by Dayton Ohio family photographer. sister hugging her brother. 2 year old girl in pastel dress posing for family photos. Brother and sister holding hands for family portrait near Xenia Ohio Boy smiling for photo outside in yard. childhood brother and sister holding hands.

And the little boy & the little girl loved the trees.”

Do you have a Birth Tree or another unique family tradition? Please share it in the comments!

xoxo, Ashley

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