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2023 Pictures with Santa in Cincinnati Ohio


Ashley Lynn Photography will be hosting 2023 Pictures with Santa in Lebanon Ohio, near Cincinnati Ohio. The 2023 Santa Experience will be a magical day you won’t want your kids to miss!)

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Boy sitting with Santa
Tips to Prepare Your Kids for 2023 Pictures with Santa

It’s not quite the holidays without a few pictures with Santa and if this is the first time your baby or toddler will be having their photo taken with Saint Nick, it’s particularly exciting. However, if your child isn’t great with strangers, you might be feeling a bit concerned about whether you’ll be able to get any good photos at all – these tips should help make the experience more pleasant.

Before Your Pictures With Santa

  • Get your child excited- When a child sees Santa in real life for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. The hat, the bright red suit and a giant beard can all be a little much for some children. However, by getting them excited and showing them what to expect, the whole process might go a little smoother. Watch a few Christmas movies or read them a book about it to get them acquainted.
    Another way to get them excited is telling them Santa brings them presents! So help them prepare a list of what they’d like to ask Santa for.

  • What to Wear– Figure out what you’d like your kids to wear. Most people want to put their kids in bright red, but I strongly suggest trying a different approach. Since Santa will be in red it’s best to have red as an accent color for your kids clothes. Reds can easily clash with one another (bright reds and mauves don’t look well together.)
    Also, too much red in one photo is not flattering and can even reflect on faces and make skin appear overly red too.
    Instead go with more neutral colors like cream, gray, brown or even some dark blues and greens. Then use red as an accent for shoes, bows, ties, etc. Try to shoot for no more that 50% of the outfit being in red and opt for a bright red as opposed to a burgundy.
    HERE are some options wardrobe options I love.

    Family Christmas Mini Sessions located Cincinnati Ohio


The Day of Your Santa Photo Shoot

  • Get there early. Arrive to get your pictures with Santa early, so you little ones can see other kids with him before it’s their turn.

  • Work around your child’s schedule. Try to schedule your Santa photos so that it doesn’t interfere with your child’s naptime or dinner, you’ll want to work around that. A well-rested child who has a full tummy will be much more pleasant. I also suggest bringing mess free snacks.

  • Jump in the photo. If your child is feeling nervous, you should be prepared to be included in a shot or two to get them to feel comfortable. This means making sure you arrive photo ready just in case. Have a seat on Santa’s lap with your child on your lap. Santa is totally used to this.

  • Just go with it. Many parents are disappointed when their child doesn’t play along for photos, but this is something you can’t predict or avoid, so it’s best just to roll with it and enjoy the experience as much as you can. Crying photos are some of the funniest to look back on.

    During my Santa Sessions I have a few tricks up my sleeves to get Santa in the photos even if the kids aren’t having it.

    2023 Christmas Mini Sessions

Exclusive 2023 Pictures with Santa Session in Cincinnati Ohio

The Details:
Event date | November 4th, 2023
Location | Noir Studio Space Lebanon near Cincinnati Ohio

  • Up to 4 people (no pets)
  • 10 minutes
  • 5+ final images
  • 25 holiday cards with envelopes
  • A special gift from Santa
    -Kids can drop their letters off in Santa’s mail box,
    just in case they forgot to mention something to Santa

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Boy Getting photo taken with Santa Clause for Christmas. By Cincinnati Ohio photographer Ashley Lynn Photography

These holiday sessions sell out quick, so make sure you act fast and book your spot today! Leave any and all questions in the comments below.

Xoxo, Ashley

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