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Dayton Family Field Photography Session

As a Dayton family photographer I really enjoy my job, because I get to take these tiny moments in time and preserve them for my clients. These moments will hang on their walls for years to come. What a huge weight of responsibility, but I love every minute of it!

This sweet birthday photography session took place in a beautiful field outside Dayton, Ohio near Young’s Jersey Dairy. Lennon turned three the day after her photo session. How special is that! I actually took her newborn photos too. It’s so awesome to see as families grow and I’m honored to capture all these special moments for them. It’s hard to believe that Lennon is already 3! It seems like yesterday that we were stopping every 10 minutes to let her eat during her newborn session. No really, it was seriously like every 10 minutes HAHA!

The antique chair she is sitting on was her great great grandfather’s. He was born in 1908! Woah! I encourage my clients to incorporate a special prop like this one to their photo sessions. It makes it all the more personal and meaningful.

Lennon, is such a sweetie and a little beauty. I’m a sucker for little girls with curly blond ringlets in adorable dresses, especially when they are standing in a gorgeous field at sunset. Gosh, I could just pinch her little cheeks! Happy 3rd birthday Lennon!

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