Dayton Photography Class

Photography Basics for Moms Workshop, Dayton Ohio

I hosted a my first Photography Basics for Moms Workshop a few months ago at my downtown Dayton studio. It was a blast! I enjoyed getting to teach all the moms how to take better photos of their families.

Photography is so important. Photographs let us capture and preserve memories that would otherwise be forgotten. And in doing this, we are able to relive those moments again and again. What a gift!
I have the great privileged of documenting the most important days or milestones in my client’s lives; wedding days, maternity & newborn sessions. I’ve even captured a baby’s first steps on camera. I’ve also been given the huge honor of documenting some of my client’s final days on this earth. Some of my photographs have been the very last photos taken of them. Their family members are so grateful to have those final images to help remember them.

My grandma told me that since my grandfather passed away last year that she looks at the photograph I took of him and she’ll talk to him about her day. This brought tears to my eyes. They were married 72 years.
What a blessing photos are to all of us!

The Workshop

My goal of this workshop is to help women learn their cameras and how to take quality photos of the everyday moments in their life. Yes, they’ll still hire professional photographers for those most important days in their lives and probably a family photo session once a year, but now they will be able to capture and preserve those day to day moments; at the zoo, family get together, & Christmas mornings.

So many people I speak to tell me they have a nice DSLR camera and they just end up using their phone, because it’s easier and they get better photos from it. Now I’m not above phone pics, believe me I use mine daily, but I want to teach people how to use their DSLR cameras they already have that are probably still sitting in the box.

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