Hiring A Professional Photographer

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When it comes time to capture your most treasured moments, will you hire a professional photographer?

Thanks to impressive advancements in technology, it seems like anyone can be a photographer these days. A professional photographer offers much more to their clients than just a pretty photo.

The experience of working with a professional photographer is more efficient and less stressful than passing off the latest iPhone to your best friend and hoping for the best.

Behind the scenes with Ashley Lynn Photography, Dayton Ohio wedding photographer

A pro handles numerous variables clients may not even consider, from lighting to editing to posing and propping. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional photographer instead of winging it.

Education and Technique

Photographers invest greatly in their skillset as well as their tool kit. I received my Commercial & Portrait Photography degree, while graduating with the honor of an ‘Outstanding Portfolio’ from the Ohio Institute of Photography & Technology. Then I started my journey as a professional photographer. Guided by other professional photographers and educators, I strengthened my technique in portrait photography early on.

Dayton, Ohio Professional Photographer Ashley Lynn Photography

Experience and Leadership

For those who aren’t in front of the camera often, it can be hard to gauge how things look on the other side. Professional photographers have our own “bag of tricks” to keep clients looking their best. From bumping hips to whispering jokes, a professional photographer knows how to guide our clients to get the perfect shot. Professionals know what to look for, and have an eye for details that may otherwise go missed. When working with a pro, nothing will be out of place in the shot, and you’ll look your best.

Behind the scenes with Dayton, Ohio wedding photographer Ashley Lynn Photography

Editing and Software

Photography and editing go hand in hand. Whether its smoothing details or adjusting the warmth, there are so many elements in not only capturing, but creating the perfect photo. Significant cost and user knowledge means us pro’s have the upper hand in photo editing software. This is a good time to mention that you should never throw a filter over a professional photo. Not only is this copyright infringement, but it often alters the work to misrepresent the technique and style of the professional photographer. A photographer’s editing style is very important and unique to each individual photographer.

Dayton, Ohio pro photographer capturing weddings, families and seniors

Next time you have an event or special occasion that you know you want to document, opt for a professional photographer. You’ll thank me later! If you’re looking for a photographer to document your special moments in 2020, Ashley Lynn Photography is now booking! Contact us here.

Ashley of Ashely Lynn Photography, Dayton, Ohio professional photography

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