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Lightroom Presets from Ashley Lynn Photography Ever wondered how photographers get that beautifully consistent look in their images? Well, the answer lies in Lightroom Presets! These pre-designed templates will automatically adjust your images based on the settings. My new ALP Lovely Presets are light and bright, film-inspired edits. If you love my photography style you will love these! Plus, you’ll be able to edit any of your personal photos with them. It’s super easy. Once installed to the FREE Lightroom cell phone app, you’ll be able to edit images with a single click.



Lightroom Presets - Lullaby CollectionLightroom Presets - Lullaby Collection

The Lullaby Collection was created to help parents quickly and easily edit their cell phone or DSLR photos. As parents, we’re constantly snapping photos of our little ones. Why not polish them up a lil’ before sending them off to friends and family? These adjustments will also make your cellphone photos print-worthy!

Additionally, I’ll also show you how to fine-tune your edits with 1-3 clicks! If you are using the paid version of Lightroom Classic or CC, you will be able to make use of the Desktop Presets as well. My presets work on both Mobile and Desktop versions of Lightroom. Here’s a preview of each of the ten presets currently available:

Moody Lightroom Preset
Moody Lightroom Preset

Great for very bright images, because it will darken them and add warmth. Or add a moodier look to properly exposed images.


Lightroom Presets - Lullaby CollectionLightroom Presets - Lullaby Collection

Silver Lightroom Preset
Black and White Low Contrast Lightroom Preset

A brighter lower contrast black and white edit that makes your images look almost silvery. Two versions available, with and without grain.

Morning Light Lightroom Preset

Morning Light Lightroom Preset

Perfect for those sunrise & sunset images, especially those that are backlit.

Light & Bright (Cool)

This is my signature preset! This preset is how I like to edit my photography for my clients. It will give your images a lovely light and bright effect.


Light & Bright Collection - Presets by Ashley Lynn PhotoLight & Bright Collection - Presets by Ashley Lynn Photo

Light & Bright (Warm)
Light and Bright Warm-Tone Lightroom Preset

Very similar to the LIGHT and BRIGHT (Cool), except it will give your images a warmer glow.


Presets for Lightroom - Ashley Lynn PhotographyPresets for Lightroom - Ashley Lynn Photography

Fresh (Inspired By Newborns)
Fresh - Labor and Delivery Lightroom Preset

I handcrafted this preset to edit hospital birth photos for labor and delivery. The lighting in a hospital is not great… until you use this preset!

Fawn Lightroom Preset
Fawn Warm Sepia Lightroom Preset

This sepia/warm black and white edit will have some added film grain texture, making your image look older when you zoom in on the details. Also available without grain.

Charcoal Lightroom Preset
Charcoal Black and White Lightroom Preset

This is my classic Black and White edit.


Lullaby Collection - Photo Editing PresetsLullaby Collection - Photo Editing Presets

How To Install Lightroom Presets

To help make installing my new Lightroom presets even easier, I’ve created how-to videos to walk you through the process of instantly transforming your photos.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions for me!

This lovely preset collection includes the ten (10) ALP Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets, plus access to my quick start page to help you get set up within minutes. There are 10 presets in total, making it easy to find a setting that works for a variety of photos.
Click here to view and purchase the collection.

Please go like my new Instagram page @alplovelypresets for all the details and new collections to come.

xoxo, ashley

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