Interview with Elizabeth Cooper of Dayton Real Estate Crush

In this new series, I will be featuring interviews with fellow moms-in-business.

As a soon-to-be mom of two with a diverse business structure, I know how valuable it is to connect with other people in situations like mine. It’s a delicate balance between work and family, business and friends. Motherhood and entrepreneurship can be isolating, but there are SO many other amazing mamas to connect, share stories, and collaborate with. That’s what this series aims to do — showcase the behind-the-scenes storylines of hardworking moms and business owners.

My first guest is the owner of Dayton Real Estate Crush, Elizabeth Cooper.

Dayton Real Estate Crush: Elizabeth Cooper Interview

ALP Mom Boss Interview

What do you do in your business? Has your role changed over time? I am the founder of a Dayton real estate team called Dayton Real Estate Crush with the brokerage Home Experts Realty. I started as a solo agent less than 2 years ago. My first assistant joined 3 months in, then referrals to other agents turned into teammates. Now we have a team of 10 and are hiring our first full-time employee. Today I am still helping clients find the place they call home while managing a team and office, both of which I love!

Where is your business located? How have you adjusted to virtual business? Our office is moving from Fairborn to St Anne’s Hill in downtown Dayton. Most of my work is from my car or kitchen table. What I didn’t expect was a 7-year-old assistant most of this year LOL! As a team, we do use Zoom more for team meetings, and occasional client meetings, although it’s difficult to select a home without seeing it in person.

How many children do you have? What are their ages? I have one child, Emmy age 7.

Strictly Business Q & A

How long have you owned your business? Major milestones? Less than 2 years. This year we were awarded in our first full year the honor of being the top-selling team in my brokerage by both units and volume. Additionally, I earned Rookie of the year from Dayton Realtors which was a mega honor.

How has your business adjusted as your family has grown? My daughter inspires me to show her anything is possible. I’m a single mom, so I grow my dreams to grow our life together.

What are your biggest challenges being a small business owner and a mother? I have to make sure to set aside dedicated time where I don’t work and focus solely on my child. Reading before bed, eating dinner together, games are our time. She doesn’t understand how awesome it is that I can pick her up and drop her off at school. She just sees that mommy works a lot. My role comes with freedom of choice, but my hours are scattered.

Do you have any tips for “making it all work”? What does your day-to-day look like? Find a great support system. I no longer clean my house or do laundry, dreamy right? But I was running myself into the group trying to be everything. Outsource what doesn’t bring you joy or could be done by someone else.

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for other mom-bosses? You are doing AMAZING!! Tell yourself and other working moms. We tend to be so quick to focus on what we can improve, we should make sure to spend time acknowledging all we have accomplished.

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19 thoughts on “Interview with Elizabeth Cooper of Dayton Real Estate Crush

  1. So glad to work in the trenches with such a beautiful person! You do a brilliant job leading the team and I love you, lady! ❤

  2. Thanks so much for the feature Ashley! I can’t wait to read about other mom bosses ❤️❤️❤️

  3. “Outsource what doesn’t bring you joy…” Words to live by! Elizabeth is an inspiration to work with. I love to learn about other busy working moms in the Dayton community, Ashley! Great series, and congratulations!

  4. Love the article ☺️ I’m so fortunate to be apart of such an amazing team, with such a wonderful team lead (Elizabeth)!! From one mom to another, you are absolutely crushing it 💜

  5. Elizabeth does such a great job of making time for her whole family as well as her daughter! It’s been such a blessing to have her as part of my “village”, especially during a pandemic. I am so proud of all of the hard work she has done building her business and being a Mommy!

  6. Elizabeth is absolutely amazing to work with and I’m so lucky to be a part of such an amazing team that she’s building! She inspires us every day to go for our goals and dreams!

  7. So inspiring! Elizabeth is an amazing person! To call her talented would be an understatement! Also great idea for a series!! Super interesting!!

  8. Elizabeth is such an inspiration!! I’ve seen her work tirelessly to get people into their forever homes! I’ve also seen her love and dedication to family, she’s a brilliant and kind fellow human being.

  9. Elizabeth is the brightest, most hard-working, and dedicated person I know! She’s an inspiration to everyone around her. Look out! She’s going to be on billboards any day now!

  10. Elizabeth is awesome! We have been partners on many homes and my buyers have shared many smiles and compliments my way due to her expertise and amazing service….love ya sweet lady!

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