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As many of you may know, my sister owns Salon Noir Ohio. This includes two locations, one in Centerville and one in Lebanon. Last year, Amber debuted the hAirstream, the official Salon Noir Mobile experience. Salon Noir launched its hAirstream mobile salon last spring.

From weddings to festivals to food truck rallies to charity cut-a-thons, this unique salon experience has been all over the Dayton area in recent months. How did the hAirstream come to be? Amber gives us the details.

The Story of Salon Noir Mobile’s hAistream

Explain the origin story of the Airstream: How you found it, upgraded it, and what your inspiration has been for what it’s become (and is becoming)?

The wheels started turning on this project in 2019. I remember I had been daydreaming about it for a while before I ever told a soul about it. Then one night I was getting ready for bed and told my husband “I think I have an idea.”. He thought it was weird but supported me. That’s when I started doing even more research online. My first attempt at purchasing an Airstream was a scam and almost got me! Long, boring story, but I caught them in a pretty convincing scheme. After that, I found one in Columbus for sale by the owner.

Once we got it home I did a lot of the demo myself and then found a place that specializes in Airstream makeovers. It’s three hours away, so that was a bit of a hassle going back and forth to check-in. But totally worth it. With reno’s, I wanted it to look and feel like an extension of my brick-and-mortar shops. There are still a few little additions we will be working on over the Winter. It’s the perfect time to take it back to the shop since our Salon Noir Mobile season is March through the end of October.

What’s it like to own a mobile salon after having two brick-and-mortar businesses?

It’s been interesting balancing my time between all of them. Luckily I have an amazing team to help me keep Centerville and Lebanon on the right track while I focus on working on the new venture. It really is a very different animal as far as business goes and I have been doing everything I can to soak up knowledge and learn the hiccups along the way. A lot of it is learning as you go.

Where might we find the hAirstream out in the wild? What types of events will you be doing this year and in the future?

For weddings, we have been visiting a lot of cool venues, churches, and even went to a few homes where couples were having their ceremonies. One bride inquired with us to possibly go to Hocking Hills for bridal services next year which I think would be awesome! We’ve also had a ton of fun making appearances at local concerts, festivals, charity events, and flea markets.

Another thing I’m pretty excited about is we’ve had some business owners inquire with us about doing a Day of Beauty for Staff Appreciation. I think this is such an important topic, I wrote about it recently on my blog! We are booked for the rest of the year but I am making a fresh list of new places & events to visit in 2022.

Navigating Brick and Mortar into a Mobile Experience

Bringing innovation into your business can be rewarding but also challenging. How have you embraced the changes and opportunities?

I’ve learned to go with the flow in a lot of ways and not to sweat the small stuff, but also to really fight for my business. I’ve learned not to let anyone else stop me or keep me from my dreams. I’m so glad there was no way for me to know about the pandemic and shut-down. I wouldn’t have even dreamed of starting the Mobile, or our second brick and mortar location in Lebanon. They both happened very close to each other which was terrifying. I’m grateful to have gotten through all of that and come out on the other end not just surviving, but thriving!

Describe your client’s reaction to seeing the hAirstream or getting a service completed inside.

Some people are confused, but usually, they are very excited and impressed. It’s always a great feeling to have others look at something you’ve put your heart and soul (not to mention actual blood, sweat, and tears) into and really “get” it and appreciate it.

What services does the mobile salon currently offer?

We offer Bridal Styles, Clip-in Hair Extensions (upon request), Makeup/Airbrush, Lashes, Haircuts, Color, Feather Extensions/Tinsel, Mini-Spa Facials. We also offer a very unique add-on service for Weddings and Photo Shoots. Additionally, our team offers Dove Releases for local events. It adds a special touch and a great photo opp! We also always have our custom NOIR hair and skin care products with us to retail. Anyone who has an interest in booking the hAirstream can email us at

Implementing the Vision for Salon Noir Mobile

What are your biggest goals for your mobile salon?

My biggest mission this year was awareness and engagement for the mobile, and to get the word out that we exist and we are an option. Being on the road and meeting so many different people has been a cool way to raise awareness for our other salons, our products, and our brand as a whole. Next year my goal is to have even more weddings booked and to travel to some different areas for services. Maybe even a road trip to take some personal time off. I have a couple other big professional goals for the next couple of years. I’m not ready to talk about it yet, but I think it’s going to evolve my little empire even more.

What advice do you have for people looking to take a risk and align with their dreams?

I would say when following your dreams, expect obstacles, expect haters and expect to feel scared. Sometimes feeling scared – or even terrified – is a good thing. It could mean you are on the edge of making something cool happen!

Where will the hAirstream pop up next?

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