Encaustic Photography Art Workshop in Philadelphia

Encaustic Photo Art Workshop

Encaustic Photography Art by Leah Macdonald

This past week in Philadelphia, I attended an encaustic photography art workshop learning new techniques for this ancient art form. I have been an admirer of Leah Macdonald’s beautiful colorful encaustic artwork for many years.

As the only Dayton, Ohio photographer offering custom encaustic photography art pieces, I like to keep up on new ways to create these luminous, dreamy works of art.

 I have been wanting to go to one of her yearly workshops, but the dates never worked out, so I reached out to her about a private one-on-one class, to my excitement she happily obliged! Leah is so sweet and it was an absolute joy to learn from her.

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Leah Macdonald Encaustic Photo Art

Encaustic Photo Art

Incorporating Fine Art Techniques

During this class, I really wanted to learn more about using color pigments in the art of encaustic and it was such a lovely experience. I learned so much from Leah. We started with the basics, like step by step and how-tos in working with the colorful waxy pigments.

We also discussed the fine art side of embracing imperfections in layering and textures. These waxes and resins can create such incredible designs, which don’t need to be too neat to look amazing.

Photo Art Leah Macdonald

Order Your Own Encaustic Art

I love creating these designs. Best of all, they can be done with almost any photograph. The process starts by printing the images onto a matte paper and adhering them to a piece of wood. Then that’s where the magic of the wax and resin come into the picture. Using a black and white photo really makes the pigments pop!

I’d love to create one for you! Encaustic photo art makes for a wonderful gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day.
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Photo Art Workshop with Leah Macdonald


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What do you like about this technique? Leave a comment below to share your ideas!

xoxo, Ashley

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