Encaustic Photography in Dayton

Dayton photographer Ashley Lynn Photo shares a look at encaustic photography.

Encaustic Photography Services in Dayton

Meaning “to burn in or fuse,” encaustic is an ancient painting medium first practiced by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C. Encaustic photography is an art form that mimics this ancient technique.

Ashley Lynn Photography is the only Dayton, Ohio photographer offering custom encaustic photography art pieces using this ancient technique. 
Encaustic photographs have the most lovely texture and a luminous, dreamy effect. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I absolutely love the outcome!

What is Encaustic Photography?

The art of wax, or “encaustic” photography, is a technique that uses beeswax and resin to create an artistic photographic piece.

Each unique piece of art will include one of your personal photographs mounted on wood. After, layers of a custom-blended resin-wax mixture will be fused onto the photograph.

These days, Damar tree resin is added to wax as a hardening agent, just like in ancient times. The resin acts as a bonding agent and a hardening agent for the beeswax.

The process of adding wax to photography creates a gorgeous ethereal texture and look.
Treat mom to some beautiful artwork for Mother's Day!

The History of Encaustic Photos

The encaustic technique dates back to the 5th century B.C. where it was first practiced by Greek artists. It was used to waterproof ships. Eventually, adding pigments to the mix gave rise to the art of decorating the ships.

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians honored the dead by painting a portrait of the deceased. These were usually portraits in the prime of their life, and were to be placed over the person’s mummy. These Fayum Portraits are 3500+ years old, and in better condition than art just 500 years old.

Leonard Da Vinci tried to revive the technique, unsuccessfully. Became popular again in the 20th century. Famous artists who had worked in encaustic are Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera – Frida Kahlo’s husband & Jasper Johns.

Fun fact: In the 19th century, Vincent van Gogh also used beeswax to give the body to his oil pigment — and extend his paints. Although he was not an encaustic painter, he did use beeswax to make his oil paints. 

Ashley Lynn Photo shares the process of encaustic photo art.
The dreamy, ethereal look of this photography.
Texture and saturation develops under encaustic photo art.

These make perfect gifts! Additionally, with Mother’s Day coming up Sunday, May 10, now is the perfect time to place your custom encaustic photo order.

What do you think of this unique art form? Had you ever heard of “encaustic” before? Share what you think in the comments below!

xoxo, Ashley

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