Lebanon Ohio Family Photography

Family of five sit on a white couch and smile at the camera during a photoshoot with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A mom sits with her three laughing kids on a white bed during photo session in Lebanon, Ohio.

Three kids, two boys and a young girl, smile for a picture during their Lebanon, Ohio family photography session.

Lebanon, Ohio Family Portraits

Chels and I have been best friends since we were five years old! We grew up together and have been blessed enough to remain friends ever since. I’ve taken family photos of the Haines’ before, but that was back when they were a family of four.

We did this winter photoshoot in the all-white photo studio space to help ensure that the photos of the Haines family will remain timeless. 

A smiling mom holds her two sons and daughter for a photo in a white room on a white fluffy carpet. Taken by Lebanon Ohio Photographer Ashley Lynn Photography

A young girl sits on her mom's lap while the two of them smile at each other during a family photoshoot.

A mom and her son pose on a fluffy white carpet during photoshoot with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A young boy wearing a teal shirt kisses his mom on the cheek during a family photo session in Lebanon, Ohio.

A woman dances with her little girl and her son stands smiling nearby during a session with Ashley Lynn Photography.

Ashley Lynn Photography Motherhood Event

Although we did take a few full-family photos, the main focus of this session was to take photos of Chelsi and her three kids. I actually got a little teary-eyed while editing these photos because they reminded me of the photos that Chelsi and her momma took when she was little. And now she’s here with her own kiddos! It was truly a full-circle moment.

I wholeheartedly believe that every mom should have photos like these with their little ones. That’s why I am hosting the Motherhood Event on April 29th in Lebanon.
The Motherhood Event is now SOLD OUT!

But I do have another event coming up on June 19th, 2023…

Heirloom Event 2023

A man and woman hug each other while smiling for a photo against a light gray background in a photo studio.

A young boy in a teal long-sleeved shirt sticks his tongue out and makes a funny face during a photoshoot.

A little girl with blonde pigtails and a white dress makes a silly face during a photoshoot in Lebanon, Ohio.

A young boy in a light brown sweater makes a funny face for a photo with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A husband and wife stand with their three young kids in a white studio for their Lebanon, Ohio family photography photo session.

In-Studio Family Photography

For all my family photography sessions, I now include wardrobe options for the mom and kids! No more stressing about what everyone needs to wear. I always strive to keep the clothing timeless to help it age well and keep the photos always looking great hanging in my clients’ homes.

For this shoot, Chelsi is wearing a gorgeous white lace dress, so we chose to give little Makynli a white lace dress to wear as well. For the boys, I picked out brown and teal tops. Chelsi and I both love this color combo, and teal is Chelsi’s favorite color so that’s a plus! Remember, when picking wardrobe it’s not about matching the colors exactly, it’s about pairing complimentary colors in similar tones!


A woman sits on a white bed with her three kids during a winter family photography session in Lebanon, Ohio.

Three kids sit on a comfy white bed and wiggle their toes for a photo with Ashley Lynn Photography.

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Xoxo, Ashley

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