Photo Ready Skin Routine

A woman with dark hair and a neutral shirt is getting her makeup done by another woman wearing a knit sweater.

A display of seven different Salon Noir skin and makeup products taken by Lebanon, Ohio photographer Ashley Lynn Photography.

Get Your Skin Photo Ready

As a Dayton, Ohio photographer, I prefer to keep my photography style as natural looking as possible, favoring light & bright photographs that aren’t overly edited for my clients. I have a few suggestions to help get your skin looking flawless and glowing for your next family photography session.

I suggest that you start implementing this photo-ready skin routine as soon as possible before your next session. It’s also important to note that everyone’s skin type is going to be a bit different, so when trying the tips, embrace what works for you! These suggestions are what I have found to help my skin to look it’s best. 

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My Photo-Ready Skin Care Routine

1. Clean Up Your Beauty Products – I have been on a natural health journey for years and a big part of that is using clean beauty products. As an adult, I used to have quite a few breakouts, but I found that using more natural products that are without toxic chemicals and fake fragrances completely changed the game for my skin and health. I highly recommend the brand Mineral Fusion, and here are a few of my favorites! 

2. Start Using Hyaluronic AcidOkay if there was just one thing I would recommend to get your skin looking its best, it’s hyaluronic acid! The word “acid” can be off-putting, but I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds! After implementing hyaluronic acid into my routine, I’ve not had any monthly breakouts like I used to have from hormonal acne. I use Lebanon, Ohio’s local salon, Salon Noir’s brand of hyaluronic acid. Pair that with their Vitamin C serum and your skin will thank you!

3. Use Castile Soap – As far as I’m concerned, Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap is the best and cleanest soap on the planet. To keep things simple, I use it on both my face and body.  There are a ton of scents, but the lavender scent is heavenly!

Various skin and makeup products sitting on display at Salon Noir in Lebanon, Ohio, taken by local photographer Ashley Lynn Photography.

Skin Care for Glowing Skin

4. Find a Good Moisturizer. There is so much to be said about the benefits of moisturized skin, especially in terms of how it will make you look in photographs. Moisturized skin is the ultimate base for your photo-ready skin routine. Seriously, just moisturize okay! Lebanon, Ohio’s Salon Noir offers a great moisturizer in their skin care line. If you’re not local, I also really like Cetaphil products.

5. Use Salt or Sugar Scrub – Once a week, leading up until the day of your session (and beyond), try adding an exfoliant scrub to your skin care routine… your skin will be glowing! I haven’t tried this specific scrub yet, but I’ve heard great things.

The apothecary display at Salon Noir featuring a lot of skin, makeup and hair products in Lebanon, Ohio.

Bonus: Get a facial – If you’re local to Dayton, Cincinnati or Lebanon, Ohio, I can’t recommend Salon Noir enough! It is my favorite place to take a self care day and get a facial.

If you’re looking to book a photo shoot, all of my portrait sessions include hair & makeup for one person all done by the wonderful Salon Noir. That means you get to get beautiful photos and pampered all in one go!

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