Bellbrook Ohio Family Photography Session

A large extended family of family standing in grassy field in Bellbrook, Ohio with Ashley Lynn Photography.

Grandparents laugh with their two grandkids while standing in a sunlit field in Bellbrook, Ohio.

Three family members pose for a photo with Ashley Lynn Photography.

Extended Family Photography Session

About five short years ago, I was lucky enough to shoot Shawna and Tom’s chic farm wedding and this spring the couple came back, along with their large extended family, for a Bellbrook Ohio Family Photography Session!

There is nothing better than when a couple, or entire family, come to me year after year for different types of sessions. Not only did I shoot Shawna and Tom’s wedding, I also photographed the Hunter family throughout engagements, holidays and family photo sessions.

What an honor and joy it is to capture your family’s most cherished moments!

A mom tickles her son and they both laugh in a Bellbrook Ohio park photographed by Ashley Lynn Photography.

In Bellbrook, Ohio, four women pose for a photo together with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A dad playfully holds his young son up in the air while standing in a field in Bellbrook, Ohio.

Bellbrook, Ohio Family Photographer

During these extended family photo sessions, I like to not only focus on the big group photos, but also those little moments in between. Not only do candid moments often result in the sweetest photos, they can also help lighten the mood and keep the photo session feel more fluid. This is especially helpful for a big group when people may have different levels of comfort and/or experience with having their photo taken.

Some of my favorite candid moments from this shoot with the Hunters was the shots of the kiddos playing with their grandpa and all the good snuggles that happened along the way.

An extended family laughs together during their Bellbrook, Ohio reunion.

A grandfather snuggles his toddler grandson during a photoshoot in Bellbrook, Ohio.

A mom lovingly holds her young son while getting family portraits taken with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A toddler boy sits on his dad's shoulders while their family walks through a field in Bellbrook, Ohio.

Gift a Photoshoot

It can be difficult to get large families together, even if they are all local to the area. It’s nothing short of a miracle that the Hunter family were able to get together for this Bellbrook Ohio family photography session.

Tip: Take a note from the Hunters and gift your parents a family photo session for Christmas!

Photoshoot Inquiry

A husband and wife pose for a photo outdoors with their young son during an extended family photoshoot.

A husband and his wife put their arms around each other during a couples portrait with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A toddler sits on his dad's shoulders with his mom near by during a photoshoot in Bellbrook, Ohio.

Two young kids pose with their uncle during an outdoor photoshoot in Bellbrook, Ohio with Ashley Lynn Photography.

It was such a joy to work with the Hunter family again, they are such a nice, genuine bunch! If you loved this session as much as I did, leave a comment below. What was your favorite photo?

Xoxo, Ashley

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