Bellbrook Ohio Family Photographer

Husband, wife and their one-year-old son stand in a field in Bellbrook, Ohio during a family photoshoot.

A mother and father kiss their young son on the head during a photoshoot with Ashley Lynn Photography in Bellbrook, Ohio.

A man in a beige shirt hugs his wife who is wearing a floral dress, while they smile at the camera during a photoshoot.

Family Photography in Bellbrook, Ohio

Carly, Sawyer, and their one-year-old son, Henry, are such a beautiful family! My husband, Brant, used to work with Sawyer and they became friends. Funny enough, I first met Carly at their wedding, but I was there as a guest, not a photographer. It was such a fun night! If I remember correctly, Brant and I gave them a few pretty funny photo booth pictures that night. Now a few years down the line, I was so happy when Carly and Sawyer reached out to inquire about a family photoshoot.

Keep scrolling to the end for a special surprise! Hint: I tried my hand at a video clip.

During a family photoshoot in late-spring, a family of three sits in a beautiful Bellbrook, Ohio field.

A one-year-old boy in beige overalls and a white shirt sits on a knitted blanket in a field during family photos with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A husband and wife play with their one-year-old son while standing in a grassy field surrounded by trees in Bellbrook, Ohio.

A man kisses his wife on the forehead during family portraits with Ashley Lynn Photography.

Spring Photoshoot in Ohio

This late-spring photoshoot took place in Bellbrook, Ohio in early June. Springtime in Ohio is nothing short of magical! We had perfect weather and it was a beautiful evening. There were flowers popping up everywhere, including some little white blooms that had just opened a few days before their session.

This was the family’s first time having a professional photoshoot post-baby. Henry was turning one and the couple figured this was the perfect time to hire a photographer and get some family portraits. 

Hiring a professional photographer for any event, but especially around childrens’ birthdays, is always a good idea. Kids grow up fast, so it’s wise to document it before the time passes you by!

In Bellbrook, Ohio a woman holds her baby and hugs her husband while posing for family photos with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A one-year-old boy in beige overalls sits on a cream-knitted blanket in a field while posing for a portrait with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A man, woman and their young son stand in a field in Bellbrook, Ohio for their family portraits.

Ohio Family Photographer

Congrats, you made it to the special surprise! One of my favorite parts of working for myself is the freedom it gives me to try new, creative things. For this photoshoot with the Chambers family, I got to give my hand at some videography and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. It fully embraces the magic of late-spring in Bellbrook, Ohio. Enjoy!

Photoshoot Inquiry

If you loved this photo session, and the video, as much as I did, leave a comment below!

Xoxo, Ashley

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