Mother’s Day Photography Session Lebanon Ohio

An open photo album with a close-up photo of a baby in her mother's arms on the left and a photo of a mom with her two young kids on the right.

A mom in a purple dress with white polka dots holding her baby girl in her arms with her young son holds her hand during a Mother’s Day photography session in Lebanon, Ohio.

A blue linen photo album lying on a blue floral sheet provided by Ashley Lynn Photography.

Motherhood Photography Event

What better gift for Mother’s Day than a family photo session? That’s what this family had in mind when they signed up for this Mother’s Day photography session in Lebanon, Ohio!

The 2023 Motherhood Photography event was a stress-free photoshoot experience that not only gave moms photos of them with their children, but we also provided wardrobe and a petite professional makeup experience. All the mommas loved their makeup and the outfits they chose fit perfect!

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A woman in a purple dress with purple polka dots holds her baby girl while her son kisses his sister on the head during a photo session at Salon Noir.

A mom in a long purple dress hugs her son while they smile for the camera during a Mother’s Day photography session in Lebanon, Ohio.

A young boy in a white button-down shirt holds his baby sister while sitting on a white bed in a studio space in Lebanon, Ohio.

A mom gives her baby girl a smile while holding her during a Mother's Day photo session with Ashley Lynn Photography.

Mother’s Day Photoshoot

You would have never guess that this special Mother’s Day shoot was Emily’s first time getting professional photos taken with both of her kids, Marcus and Maddie. The family were naturals getting their photos taken. Marcus is the sweetest new big brother, always kissing Maddie’s little hands and holding her so gently.

 I know how hard it can be to prioritize getting updated family photos, trust me, I’m not only a photographer, but I’m a mother too! Often the work of prepping for the shoot and rounding the whole family up just seems daunting. That’s why I loved getting to host this Motherhood event with Salon Noir in their Noir Studio Space. The full experience was an hour long and it included makeup, wardrobe and a full photo session! All the moms raved about how seamless and no stress everything was. I can’t wait for next year’s 2024 Motherhood Mother’s Day Photography Sessions!

A young boy kisses his younger sister's hand while they lounge on a big white bed during a family photoshoot in Lebanon, Ohio.

A mom lounges on a white bed with her two young kids during a Mother’s Day photography session in Lebanon, Ohio with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A four-month-old baby girl wearing a delicate cream knit jumper lies on a bed during a family photoshoot.

Family Photoshoot in Lebanon, Ohio

Following the photoshoot, Emily received a beautiful gold rimmed glass box filled with all of the prints from her session, along with a stunning blue linen album. One thing I make sure of is that all my families end up with tangible photo artwork at the end of every session.

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A hand flips through a Mother's Day photo album with pictures featuring a mom and her children.

A close up of a photo album with pictures of a five-year-old boy and his sister taken by Ashley Lynn Photography in Lebanon, Ohio.

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