Commercial Headshot Photographer in Dayton & Cincinnati Ohio

 A professional woman sits on an ornate black couch during a photoshoot with Ashley Lynn Photography, a commercial headshot photographer in Dayton & Cincinnati Ohio.

A woman wearing a white button down shirt holds her laptop and planner while posing for a photo during her professional headshots photo session.

A young woman sits on a plush white rug in a minimally decorated room with her laptop and planner nearby. Lifestyle branding session in Cincinnati.

Professional Headshots with Ashley Lynn Photography

If you’re looking for a commercial headshot Photographer in Dayton & Cincinnati Ohio, I’m your gal!

This profession portrait session with Katie was such a fun experience! We were taking photos for her small business as a copywriter and a hairstylist at my favorite salon, Salon Noir. This was not my first time working with Katie, and it’s always great working with repeat clients. She recently added another business venture under her belt and felt it was time to update her commercial headshots. 

If you are finding yourself in a similar situation to Katie and are looking for a professional portrait photographer in Dayton or Cincinnati, Ohio, I could be just what you’re looking for!

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Pro Tip: Scroll to the end to learn more about Katie and her services.

A woman with long blonde hair wearing a white button down shirt and black vest poses for Ashley Lynn Photography during her commercial headshot photo session.

A woman wearing a white button down shirt holds her laptop and planner while posing for a photo during her professional headshots photo session.

A stylish woman sits on a white chair in front of a white wall while getting her professional headshots taken by Ashley Lynn Photography.

Commercial Headshot Photographer in Cincinnati,Ohio

I do quite a few different types of headshot photography sessions. So whether you are a small business, work in corporate, are an entrepreneurs or even need an updated dating profile photo, booking a session with me is the way to go.

It’s very important to have your headshots taken by a profession photographer, an iPhone photo just isn’t going to cut it! When choosing your photographer, you don’t always want to go with the first ad to pop up on Google. You want to make sure you choose a photographer who fits your personal and/or brand style. 

In this photo session, Katie had a very clear vision for the overall vibe of the photos. She wanted the photos to have a lifestyle vibe and a natural feel – nothing stuffy over here! We decided to stick to a black and white color scheme to match her brand, but mixed in a bit of greenery and some neutral colors to add a bit of interest.

A stylish, professional women sits on a plush white rug in a nicely decorated room while writing in her planner.

A stylish young woman poses for her commercial headshot in Cincinnati, Ohio with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A woman sits on a white chair while working on her laptop in a minimally decorated room in Dayton, Ohio.

A woman poses with her laptop and planner during a photoshoot for her professional headshots.

Commercial Headshots in Cincinnati

If you book with Ashley Lynn Photography in Ohio, I offer two distinct options for professional portraits: Headshots and Branding sessions.


15 minutes session
1 person
1 outfit
7+ edited digital photographs

Branding Session:

45 minutes session
Multiple employees (both individual and group shots)
Different backgrounds / desk setup
Detailed branding photos (products, props, etc.)
50+ edited digital photographs

If you’re having trouble deciding which photo session is right for you or your team, submit an inquiry using the button below and I’ll get back to you with my two-cents!

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Xoxo, Ashley

A woman lounges on an ornate black couch while working on her laptop for her small business in Dayton, Ohio.

About Katie

Hey everyone! My name is Katie Wood.

I provide Expert Copywriting for the Beauty & Wellness Industry.

My job is to grow your business with my words. I want to help you…

  • Empower your brand
  • Make sales
  • And save time

With over 8 years experience in the beauty industry, I have discovered a passion to help beauty brands grow with marketing strategies.

The beauty industry is very powerful and I believe when someone invests in an amazing beauty routine, they feel like the best version of themselves.

With my copywriting I can empower your brand and make customers feel confident that they are going to love your products/services just as much as you do.

My job is to use make sure…

  • I listen to your concerns/goals
  • I understand your target audience
  • I nail your company’s brand voice
  • I produce results to where you see the sales you have been striving for in your business.

My expertise includes…

  • Writing stellar blogs that will drive traffic to your website with SEO strategies.
  • Email Copywriting that will drive traffic to your website/make you sales. This happens because emails build trust and credibility.
  • Website Copywriting that will help your company establish one of the foundations of your brand. Web copy is a key piece to a company’s sales funnel. This is also important because it plays a huge role in your company’s brand voice.
  • Landing Pages that influence action and earn great money for your business. These are designed to get customers to act now!


Katie’s website is

This is where you can learn more in-depth about how my services can help your business grow.

There will be a link on my website to book a call with me to discuss your business goals and to work with me.

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