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Hartman Family-
Cox Arboretum Dayton Photography

This family’s Dayton photography session will be going up very soon! But for now here’s a little peek at this adorable family session, dog included.

I haven’t been great about posting blog previews for my family photography sessions this year. It’s been crazy busy over here at Ashley Lynn Photography, so I’ve just been doing more Facebook previews instead. So thanks everyone for your patience as my crazy busy season comes slowly to an end.

Ryan and I have known each other for years and went to school together. It was great seeing him again after so many years and meeting his beautiful family.
Typically, if you’d ask me how a family session went that included a 2 year old and a young dog, I’d tell you through my sweat that it was crazy, but good. But with the Hartman’s session, it went over like a breeze. Deanna’s skirt & hair were on point, Ryan did great rounding up the pup, Avery was sweet & I don’t think shed a single tear, and Ash (the pup) was a big heaping pile of sweet fluff.
(See some of my tips for bringing a dog to a photo session at the end of this blog post.)

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Including Dogs in Your Family Session

I’m probably one of the few Dayton Photographers that loves when my client’s bring their dogs to a photo shoot. I was even so bold as to include family pets in my Christmas Minis this year at my downtown Dayton studio. Am I crazy of what!?
Well, I am a strong believer that dogs as family too so I get why my clients want to include their pups. To make the session a bit easier here are some tips I suggest when bringing fido to your next photography session.

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    • This is one of my favorite families—beautiful inside & out and these photos capture them so well!!

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