Dayton Makeup Artist Shares Tips for Looking Best in Photos

Dayton Makeup Artist Andrea Cleveland shares her tips for a flawless look in photos with photographer Ashley Lynn.

Dayton Makeup Artist Tips for Your Next Photo Session

We spoke with Dayton-based Salon Noir‘s resident makeup artist Andrea Cleveland to learn some new tips for a flawless look in photos.

When it comes to makeup and having your photo taken, less is not more. But it’s not just the amount of a product or even what that product is that solely affects how you’ll look on camera. The application, skin prep and regimen are also very important factors.

Whether you’re full-on glam or soft and natural, there’s a few tips all makeup wearers need to know — especially those having their photo taken.

Fresh makeup look by Andrea of Salon Noir in Centerville, Ohio.

Keep Your Hands Off!

“Make sure not to touch your face! The oils and sweat from your hands can smear makeup right off.” Andrea says. Plus, it isn’t all that sanitary.

Teary eyed? “Fold a tissue in half and place the crease up to your eye.” Andrea says. “It’ll soak up up the waterworks.”

Ashley Lynn Photography captures Dayton Makeup Artist Andrea Cleveland behind the scenes at a styled shoot.

Tips For Touch Ups

Touch ups don’t have to be troublesome or expensive. For example, Andrea recommends “using a cheap chapstick to go back over lipsticks. It’ll help spread any remaining color back on the lips.” Moisturized lips look best.

“Also, if you like the lipstick the makeup artist used and you need some to take with you, just ask! We [Salon Noir] have containers for you to that fit perfectly inside your bag or pocket for reapplication, usually at no charge.”

Dayton Makeup Artist shares tips on how to look your best in photos.

It’s All In The Skin Prep

This is a big one! “Make sure you have a good skincare routine, it sets the base for your makeup application — and it’s essential to have anyways!”

In addition, “Don’t forget to moisturize skin, as it will help keep makeup from caking up. If you have oily skin, start with a primer. It’ll help create a more matte look (very flattering in photos) and keep makeup on longer.” Andrea says.

Psst.. if you’re not sure where to start with skincare, click here to book an appointment with Andrea at Salon Noir on E. Franklin Street in Centerville.

Makeup by Andrea of Salon Noir in Dayton. Photographed by Ashley Lynn Photography.

DIY Makeup Application

If you’re not having a professional makeup artist do your makeup, or don’t usually wear makeup, Andrea has a few tips for you too.

For instance, “Always use a mascara, bronzer, and lip gloss trio. All
those products enhance natural features, which is exactly what we want! I always recommend a BB cream for coverage, it isn’t too much, but gives skin a nice dewy finish.”

Ashley Lynn Photography chats with Dayton makeup artist Andrea Cleveland of Salon Noir on looking your best in photos.

Lastly, I always recommend clients wear a little heavier makeup than normal, add color to their lips and opt for matte finishes.

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