What To Wear For Photos

Dayton Photographer Shares Clothing Tips for Photo Sessions

Have you ever wondered what you should wear to a photos?
Once your session is booked, it’s time to start planning what you’ll wear for your portrait session.

Family portraits capture moments so they last for a lifetime. In those moments, you want to look your best. A little while back, we shared a few makeup tips for looking your best in photos. Today, we’re going to share tips for creating the perfect wardrobe for your family portraits.

Mix-and-Match For Photos

First, start with a color or color palette, and build from there. But, don’t feel as though you have to all be “matchy-matchy.” That just seems so unnatural, doesn’t it? No family really dresses exactly the same.
So, here is what I suggest. Pick a few colors that coordinate and compliment instead of matching exactly. It doesn’t have to be a complicated look. After all, you want to feel like yourself.

Pro tip: Everyone can wear a different color if that’s more your style. The key here is making sure that the colors don’t clash.

Select a color palette so everyone coordinates without looking alike.
The key to rocking all different colors in your family portraits is selecting colors that don't clash.

Wear Textures & Layers

Texture like lace, embellishments, ruffles, buttons, or woven materials help create a more interest in your photos. These details also show more of your personality and style.
Layering can be great too. Think about adding a jackets or cardigan.

Guys, almost always look better when they are wearing 2 shirts. The collar of a button up shirt peaking over a sweater or even just wearing an undershirt under their t-shirt or button down flannel.

Pro tip: Layers like jackets, cardigans, multiple shirts, tights, etc. create a more appealing look overall than when everyone is wearing the basic denim and white tee outfit.

Add layers and texture to your wardrobe when selecting what to wear in photos.

Add Some Accessories

Wearing accessories can also showcase your personality in photographs. Things like statement jewelry, scarves, hats, ties, suspenders, and headbands are great. A little bit goes a long way, so maybe not everyone needs to be wearing statement pieces in a group photo.

Add accessories to your outfit for a bit of personality and style.

Pattern & Colors

Thinking of something more bold for your family photos? I love bright colors and patterns and they look great on camera, so don’t be afraid of them! They can really add a fun element to your session.

Just avoid neon colors, as they can sometimes reflect and change the color of your skin tone.
Patterns can give your photos a lot of character, and even a bit of depth. However, avoid busy all-over patterns that can be visually distracting.
Also, very fine plaids or stripes, usually on men’s shirts, can sometimes cause moire. Which messes with the camera sensor and can create strange patterns and colors.

Pro tip: Break up patterns with solid color layers like sweaters, scarves and vests, so the wardrobe doesn’t look to busy or distracting.

More Tips For What To Wear For Photos

  • Do wear belts around your waist (ladies). No matter what size you are putting a belt around your smallest part will be flattering.
  • Do wear lipstick! It really looks great in photos.
  • Keep makeup natural looking and keep a matte finish to reduce shine.
  • Think about where the images will be hanging and make sure your clothing colors will look good there.
  • Do be fashion forward, but try to avoid trends that will be dated soon. Think timeless.
  • Do think about shoes.  You can make such a statement with them. Please no bright white socks or dirty gym shoes. Unless you’re wear something like Converse Chuck Taylors (they look best a little worn)
  • Do feel free to bring props. I love telling a story with each session. Talk to me about wanting to use props and we can figure out a theme.
  • Don’t wear all black or all white. If you want to wear black and white, add other colors, textures or patterns to the mix. These colors can also easily wash you out.
  • Don’t get a hair cut right before! Do it about a week or 2 before the session, so it looks more natural.
  • Don’t wear shirts with distracting labels or logos. This will take away from the finished look of the images.
  • Don’t all wear jeans and white t-shirts, no family dresses all the same.
  • Don’t all wear the same shirts in different colors either, let each person put their mark on what they’re wearing.

Were you lost on what to wear on your next photo session?
Did this blog post help?
What’s does your family wear for photo sessions? Do you prefer for everyone to wing it, or is color coordination more your style?

Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Ashley

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