ALP Frequently Asked Questions: New Client Edition

I’ve captured families, couples, newborns, seniors, and weddings across the Dayton region for the last ten-plus years. In that time, I’ve met an array of people and personalities. Some things, though, remain consistent from client to client. Among these consistencies are my most frequently asked questions.

Having been asked many of the same questions one after the other, I decided it would be a great time to answer some of these inquiries. If you have a more specific questions, I’m happy to consult about your photography session and location needs. However, the FAQ you find below may answer some of your questions.

My Most-Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to a photo session? First, start with a color or color palette, and build from there. Don’t feel as though you have to all be “matchy-matchy.” That just seems so unnatural, doesn’t it? No family really dresses exactly the same. I have even more resources on this blog about what to wear for photos.

Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest boards:
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Do I get the digitals photos? Yes, all Ashley Lynn Photography wedding and portrait collections include the edited high-resolution digital images with copyright privileges. You will receive an online gallery where you can download the photographs straight to your computer. From this link, you can also order a USB of the digital images and other professional products.

What do you mean by copyright privileges? You are allowed to use the photos for personal use and can print the photos wherever you’d like. Though I do offer professionally printed products via your online photo gallery. As the photographer, I own the copyright to all images created and have the right to make reproductions.

Frequently Asked Portrait Session Questions

Can I bring outfit changes? If so, how many am I allowed? Yes, you can change outfits and there is no limit. Just keep in mind that any wardrobe changes will eat into your session time. Typically for family sessions, my clients stay with one outfit.
High school senior photography sessions are the most popular for multiple outfit changes. I suggest seniors bring around 3 outfits. If you are bringing multiple outfits remember to bring them on hangers so they are not wrinkled. And be aware that some locations don’t have changing facilities.

Can we go to multiple locations for my photo session? For a standard 1-hour photo session we only have time for one location. I have lots of location options to choose from. If you want multiple locations I suggest booking a 2-hour photo session. That will give us plenty of time to travel to multiple locations if they are relatively close to each other.

Can I bring a dog or other pet to my photo session? Yes! I’m a strong believer that dogs and cats are families too. Please just let me know beforehand if you plan on bringing a dog, so I can be sure the location allows pets. Learn more about how I include your furry family members in your session here.

Artistic Style and Aesthetic Questions

Do you only shoot outdoors or do you have an indoor studio option? No, and yes! My clients book sessions both indoors and outdoors. I typically use the Lebanon studio space, Noir Studio Space.
I also shoot in my client’s home, especially for newborn sessions, if there is enough natural lighting & I shoot at other local Dayton studios that are available to rent by the hour. Though for any studio beside the Lebanon Noir Studio there may be an additional charge.

What is your photography style? If my clients were to describe the look of my photos, you’ll probably hear them most often say “light and bright” style. It’s funny, but I think as a general rule it fits both my and my client’s personalities too. My clients are generally easy-going, cheerful, and sweet. I seriously have the best clients! You can learn more about my photography specifics on My Style Blog.

When will I get my photos? After your portrait sessions, your photos will be edited and your online gallery will be available within 3-4 weeks. For weddings, it takes 6-8 weeks. It could be earlier, but it really depends on the time of year and my busy season.

Do you edit all the photos? To what extent? Yes, I edit all the final images you receive. All images will have basic edits for color, contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. I like my edits and photographs to look natural and do not like to over-edit skin. If I notice skin blemishes I will try to edit those out too. If you’d like a more detailed edit on a particular image, you can always let me know. There is an additional editing fee per image.

How many images will I get? For most 1 hours portrait sessions you’ll receive around 50+ images, for a 2-hour session you’ll receive about 75+ images. For weddings, I typically average 50-100 images per hour.

This is just a sampling of the frequently asked questions I’ve heard in my 15+ year photography career. However, it’s possible some questions have yet to be answered. If you haven’t found answers in this post, get in touch!

Why Book With Ashley Lynn Photography?

I have some clients who use me exclusively as their only photographer, which is a huge honor. In fact, I think my photographic style really resonates with them. I started taking many of these retained client’s engagement and wedding photos. From there, I photographed their maternity, newborn, and now yearly family portraits.

Whatever the reason my clients book with me, I know that my style and portraits have unique look authentically my own. If you’re interested in booking a session, I have limited availability as I take on a limited number of sessions & weddings each year. Send me a message to schedule a time for your portrait session.

xo, Ashley

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