Which Dayton wedding venue should you book? Take our quiz!

Dayton Wedding Venue Quiz

Dayton has lots of beautiful wedding venue options. Whether your taste is elegant or rustic; your guest list intimate or large scale.

Take our quiz to find your perfect Dayton wedding venue match. Make sure to share your answers in the comment section below!

Do you remember those Cosmo Girl magazine quizzes?
You know the ones, where you tally up the letters for each of your answers. This is just like that! Have fun!

Take Ashley Lynn Photography's quiz to find our your perfect wedding venue!

Wedding Style and Decor

What’s your ideal wedding aesthetic?
a) Elegant
b) Traditional
c) Historical
d) Rustic

Dayton wedding venues: The Dayton Engineers Club in Dayton, Ohio

Dayton Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venues

What’s your preferred venue type?
a) Indoors only
b) Indoor, or out
c) In the city
d) On a farm

Dayton Wedding Venues: The Mills Park Hotel in Yellow Springs (Xenia) Ohio

Number of Wedding Guests

How many guests will be in attendance?
a) Less than 100
b) Slightly above 100
c) Over and up to 250
d) Between 150-175

The Dayton VA Chapel and Grotto wedding venue. Dayton wedding venues by Ashley Lynn Photo

Wedding Venue Packages

Do you want a one-stop-shop or something more DIY?
a) All-inclusive
b) Some DIY options
c) Inclusive dining
d) Lots of DIY options

Dayton wedding venues: Kettering Polen Farm

Your Perfect Venue Is…

If you got mostly a’s

The Mills Park Hotel wedding venue

If you want a low-maintenance venue that’s beautiful on its own and caters delicious meals, look no further. We recommend the Mills Park Hotel!

Beautiful lawns and elegant architecture make this destination a true gem, located just outside of the Gem City in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

If you got mostly b’s

Dayton wedding venues: VA Chapel and Grotto

We love Dayton VA Chapel & The Grotto Gardens! This patriotic spot may be the perfect destination for your wedding. The traditional chapel features stunning stained-glass filling the ceremonial space with colorful light. Afterwards, picturesque gardens embrace lovebirds for a moment alone.

If you got mostly c’s

Class, heritage and history? The Dayton Engineers Club may be your perfect venue! Ample parking, Chef-prepared menus, and sizable spaces make this a perfect venue for large families who love to eat. The turn-of-the-century decor sets the posh tone for your nuptial celebrations.

If you got mostly d’s

Barn weddings in Dayton Ohio at Polen Farms. Dayton wedding venues

Looking for sweeping gardens, outdoor experiences, and rustic elegance? Get swept away by the beauty of Polen Farm! The sprawling 15-acres of land accommodate a 19th-century farmhouse, barn, gazebo and more.

What Were Your Results?

Dayton, Ohio wedding venues: The Dayton VA Chapel and Grotto by Ashley Lynn Photo

What did you think about your results? Have your answers inspired you to look into any of these venues? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Ashley

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