Senior Pictures with David in Xenia, Ohio

Senior pictures at James Ranch in Xenia, Ohio

Senior pictures are more than just a tradition; they’re a timestamp of who we were (and what we looked like) at the ripe age of 18. A lighter time for many before we truly ventured into adulthood and living independently.

Today’s client spotlight is special for a few reasons. First, we’re honoring the graduating Class of 2020. Second, we’re featuring my brother-in-law.

James Ranch in Xenia

Greeneview High School Class of 2020

It’s hard to believe that Dave is graduating this year! I always knew he’d grow up to be a sweet and funny guy, because that’s how he was as a kid.

Like many other seniors, Dave was “adopted” through a local community initiative to show support to the graduating class of 2020. It’s tough for another difficult situation to have hit our communities, but as always, Dayton (and beyond) comes together when it matters most.

Ashley Lynn Photography senior pictures at James Ranch in Xenia, Ohio

Senior Pictures During Fall at James Ranch

James Ranch in Xenia, Ohio is a picturesque backdrop for senior portraits and family photos. On the day we photographed Dave’s senior pictures, the air was crisp and the light was perfect. Next time we’ll bring a fishing pole! As David and my husband, Brant both love fishing!

I enjoy photographing seniors, couples, and families at James Ranch, because the landscape is so versatile. There are colorful trees and foliage, lots of natural light, water features, a wood bridge and beautiful paths to walk.

James Ranch in Xenia, Ohio is the perfect backdrop for senior pictures

Capturing Moments To Become Memories

When I started dating Brant, Dave’s older brother, he was only 3 years old!

I never had younger siblings, so I always felt like it was such a blessing that I was able to be part of Brant’s sibling’s lives from a very young age.

We took Dave and their other brother, Dylan on family vacations with us throughout the years. We always had so much fun with them. There was never a dull moment when Dave and Dylan were around.

James Ranch, Xenia, Ohio senior pictures
Senior photos at James Ranch by Ashley Lynn Photography

It warms my little heart to be the one to get to document special moments and significant milestones in our families’ lives. One day we’ll look back on these memories and wonder how time flew by so quickly.

Let’s cherish what we have right here and now. Here’s to the Class of 2020!

I’ll be hosting a 2020 Graduate Portrait Session Special on May 22nd, 2020!!!

xoxo, Ashley

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