A Look at My Photography Style

My photographer style represents the essence of my creativity and vision.

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My photography style has a light and bright romantic look that’s low on editing for a “real-life” feel.

I have some clients who use me exclusively as their only photographer, which is a huge honor. In fact, I think my photographic style really resonates with them. I started taking many of these retained client’s engagement and wedding photos. From there, I photographed their maternity, newborn, and now yearly family portraits. 

For me, I love getting to see these families year after year watching as they change, and as their family grows. However, some of my clients bounce around to different photographers with varying styles. And I totally get that. I even have a client who has come to me for years and even told me that my photo style isn’t exactly what they personally prefer (I think they like a darker style), but says my personality brings them back.

Whatever the reason my clients book with me, I know that my style and portraits have unique look authentically my own. For this blog post, I’ll be sharing insights on how my creative direction and editing techniques have changed over time to create my photography style.

Describing My Photography Style

If my clients were to describe the look of my photos, you’ll probably hear them most often say “light and bright” style. It’s funny, but I think as a general rule it fits both my and my client’s personalities too. My clients are generally easy-going, cheerful, and sweet. I seriously have the best clients!

Another significant element to my work that my clients enjoy is that I don’t over-edit. Time and time again, this is something that has been said to me. What I hear most is that they like that I don’t over-smooth their skin. Sometimes they’ll refer to this as a “porcelain doll” look. You may know it.

Posing is another key element during a session. Instead of placing my clients in stiff positions, I like to direct them to do actions and let the hands fall where they may, you could say. This means things aren’t always going to look perfect, but that’s okay. Getting comfortable is the first step to capturing stunning shots.

I like to shoot with Nikon and Sony equipment. Previously, I was exclusively a Nikon girl, until last year I purchased a Sony mirrorless camera. Now, that’s what I shoot with 99% of the time. When in the editing process, I like most of my photos to have a dreamy or ethereal look. Wide aperture lenses create this perfectly.

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How I Formulate My Personal Style

Most of the time, I do my sessions outdoors. To be honest, I prefer that too. I like the versatility of outdoor locations and the Dayton Ohio area has lots of great park options. I also really enjoy shooting in white studio spaces with lots of great window lighting. If need be, I will use artificial lighting for weddings and headshots. However, I really prefer to use natural lighting whenever possible to achieve the best results.

When I’m working with my clients, the vibe between us is very laid-back. I want my clients to feel relaxed. During the session, I like to chat with them a bit and ask them questions so I can get to know them a bit better — especially if we’ve never met before. It’s important for all my clients to feel comfortable with me, even if they aren’t comfortable getting their photos taken. Which surprisingly, a lot of people aren’t.

I try to take a lot of the pressure off them to “look good” and put that on me. I’ll direct them into poses and I will give them directions for any slight adjustments if needed.

Sometimes if I feel parents are getting stressed that their little one isn’t behaving perfectly, I’ll try to deflate the situation before both the kids and parents are in a bad headspace. You aren’t going to get great photos if everyone is upset or if tears are streaming. When that happens, no one takes a good photo. I’ll typically try to suggest we give the kids a break to run around and burn off some energy if they’re getting fussy staying still for too long. Or I’ll try letting the kids decide on the next photo spot or let them tickle mom and dad to lighten the mood a bit. I want my clients to understand it’s okay to let kids be kids.

For the clients that feel unsure how to dress, avoid going too matchy-matchy. Pick a few colors and then let everyone pick different shades of those colors. Just as long as no one clashes things tend to work out. Whites, creams, teal, blues, pinks, and grays the best in my opinion. Clothing with texture and detailed embellishment adds interest to your portraits. Oh, and don’t forget to wear nice shoes!

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The Evolution of Ashley Lynn Photography

Over the last fourteen years, my photography style has changed a lot. It’s easy to be swayed in the way of what’s trending at the moment. In the past, I tried supersaturated edits with very vibrant colors. Other times, I used vintage-looking edits. Occasionally, I look back at my work even from a few years ago, and cringe. Within the last several years I’ve finally found the style I love and that feels truly me.

Film photography is at the cor of what I love. I now consider my digital photography to be “film-inspired” using techniques in shooting and editing that help create that classic appeal of film photography. Recently, especially in the wedding industry, a more dark and moody style has become popular. Comparatively, I have much a lighter and more airy style. I like and can appreciate this moodier style, but it just isn’t me. I want my photographs style to make my heart happy. Lighter style is what I’m drawn to.

One thing I find to be very important (especially for clients investing in their photographer) my bright film-inspired photo style has longevity. It won’t ever go out of style or feel dated,. This is something my clients really appreciate and elevates the value of my work. I’m proud of the real, authentic style I’ve created.

Is my photography style your favorite, too? Share your thoughts below!

xo, Ashley

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