Samantha Joy Events Mom Boss Interview

In my “Mom Boss” series, I will be featuring interviews with fellow moms and entrepreneurs.

My next guest is the owner of Samantha Joy Events, Samantha Leenheer.
I first met Samantha during a stylized wedding shoot at the Honey Farm. She did an amazing job of keeping the event running smoothly and on time. I really appreciated her attention to detail and artful eye.

ALP Mom Boss Interview

What do you do in your business? Has your role changed over time? I am the principal planner and designer of Samantha Joy Events, an event planning, and design firm based in Southwest Ohio serving couples nationwide. My role has become more clear since becoming a mother. I did all of the things before having my daughter that didn’t bring me joy or add value to my clients. I now either outsource or no longer do those things. They weren’t providing any benefit to my clients or took me away from my daughter.

Where is your business located? We are located in Southwest Ohio.

How many children do you have? What are their ages? My daughter, Eleanor, turned 1 on April 10th.

Strictly Business Q & A

How long have you owned your business? Major milestones? Although I have been in the event industry for over 11 years, I have owned Samantha Joy Events since July of 2016. We will be celebrating 5 years this summer.

How has your business adjusted as your family has grown? Becoming a mom is one thing, but becoming a mom in a pandemic is another. Since having E, I have opted to scale back on areas of my business that was no longer bringing me joy. These are things that weren’t serving me or my clients well. I have also opted to outsource areas that I am not the best at. As an entrepreneur, I think we feel the need to be good at everything, and in that we waste our own time. Outsourcing has given me so much of my time back by trusting others who do things really well.

What are your biggest challenges being a small business owner and a mother? The biggest challenge is making decisions that have a larger effect than just for me. They affect where my children go to school, and how much they see of their mom. Those choices shape our little family and how it grows and interacts with the community and our family.

Do you have any tips for “making it all work”? What does your day-to-day look like? I recommend finding and doing what you are best at and hiring a VA or other contractors who can be part of your team doing things better than you. They make you look even better.

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for other mom-bosses? You are in control of your success, don’t let the pressure of society or the pressure you put on yourself get in the way. People will always need you and things will always need to be cleaned. Find how you work best and do that thing!

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