Best Cameras For Beginners

“What are the Best Cameras for Beginners?”

Best Cameras for Beginners

“What are the best cameras for Beginners?” This is a questions I get asked so often. As a professional Dayton, Ohio Photographer I constantly have people asking my opinion on what camera they should buy if they’re just starting out in photography or if they want a nice camera to take photos of their family. And to be honest I never knew exactly what to tell people, because I just don’t shop for beginner grade cameras. So I called on my favorite local camera shop, Dodd Camera in Miamisburg Ohio. Just a hop and a skip from downtown Dayton.

I chatted with the staff members at Dodd Camera and they gave me some great tips that I want to share with you. Dodd Camera is am amazing local resource for all things photography. They are always super helpful. I can’t recommend them enough.

DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras-

 I’ve been a DSLR Nikon shooter since I was in college at OIP&T, about 16 years ago. I recently got my first mirrorless camera in 2020. And I’ve got to say, I love it! So here’s the difference in the two types of cameras…

DSLR Cameras-
DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. Basically, it means that it is a digital camera, so it doesn’t shoot film. And Single-Lens means it uses only one lens, unlike the less known Twin-Lens cameras. DSLR Cameras also have a mirror that guide light through the len into a viewfinder by reflecting it upward, hence the term “reflex.”

Mirrorless Cameras-
Mirrorless Cameras are nice because they are typically smaller and lighter than DSLR cameras. They are also quieter to shoot with because they don’t have the mirror that flips up and can make a sound when doing so.

Top Cameras for Beginners in Photography

Top Picks For Beginner Cameras

 I typically shoot with Nikon and Sony and apparently neither one of those brands offer great beginner cameras right now. But here are the tops picks for best cameras for beginners…

If you have a child who is interested in photography, I also got some recommendations for best cameras for kids. The things to consider when buying a camera for kids is that you want it to be easy to use, like a point & shoot camera and you want it to be durable. Here’s my suggestions…

Best Cameras for Kids

You may also consider renting a camera to see if you like it or buying used. Though Dodd Camera says they sell out of their used cameras very quickly.


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I hope this helped. If you decide to buy one of these cameras listed above or if you have another recommendation please let me know if the comments.

xoxo, Ashley