Lebanon Ohio Motherhood Photography Session

A mom poses on a white bed in Noir Studio with her baby during a motherhood photoshoot with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A mom lays on a white bed while her one-year-old daughter plays with her hair in Noir Studio Space in Lebanon, Ohio.

A woman in a neutral, floral dress smiles at her one-year-old daughter sitting on her lap in a delicate white dress during the 2023 Motherhood Event.

Lebanon, Ohio Motherhood Photography Sessions

There is something so special about a photoshoot with just a mom and her kiddos. This Lebanon Ohio motherhood photography session with Emilee and her one-year-old daughter, Norah, is the perfect example of this! Emilee discovered Ashley Lynn Photography through Facebook and I am so happy she reached out.

This spring shoot was part of the Mother’s Day Motherhood Event, but more on that later. First, let’s take a look at some photos from the session! 

A mom holds her young daughter while she teethes on a toy during photoshoot with Ashley Lynn Photography in Lebanon, Ohio.

A close up of little baby feet against the background of their mother's white dress in Lebanon, Ohio.

A mom and her baby girl snuggling on a white bed during photoshoot at Noir Studio with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A portrait of a one-year-old girl in a lacey white dress with a matching bow on her head sitting on a white fluffy carpet at Noir Studio.

Exclusive Motherhood Session

This session with Emilee and Norah was a part of the exclusive Motherhood Event with Salon Noir. It was such a treat to not only partner with my favorite Lebanon studio & salon, but to also exclusively shoot mothers and their children as a Mother’s Day special. 

This event was a stress-free option for moms to get a quick photo session in with their kids. The full experience was about an hour per family and included petite makeup by Salon Noir, the use of my exclusive Client Wardrobe Collection for both mom and children, and more! The dress seen on Emilee in these photos was directly from the wardrobe collection and it fit her like a glove. Isn’t it gorgeous?? I believe her exact words were something like, “I love this dress! It feels like buttah!” Haha

A photo of a mom in a floral dress holding her baby girl during an exclusive motherhood photoshoot with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A motherhood portrait by Ashley Lynn Photography featuring a woman in a floral dress and her one-year-old girl in a white dress posing together on a bed.

Lebanon Family Photographer

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A mom holds her daughter's hands and laughs while the little girl makes a silly face while posing for a photo in Lebanon, Ohio.

A woman lays on her back on a white bed in Noir Studio while her daughter, who's wearing a white bow on her head, lays on her chest.

A woman and her one-year-old daughter pose for a photo during the 2023 Motherhood Event in Lebanon, Ohio, at Noir Studio with Ashley Lynn Photography.

I loved getting to hang out and photograph Emilee and Norah. Norah did so great in front of the camera. She’s a natural!

If you loved this session as much as I did, leave a comment below.

Xoxo, Ashley

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