Dayton Ohio Newborn Photographer

A family of four wearing whites and light blues smile at the camera during their photoshoot with their Dayton, Ohio newborn photographer, Ashley Lynn Photography.

A newborn baby lies on a white sheet while wrapped in a white swaddle with a bow on her head during a photoshoot in Dayton, Ohio.

A woman holds her newborn baby against her chest in a photo session with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A newborn baby lays in a wicker basket with her older sister by her side during a newborn photo session.

Newborn Photography in Dayton, Ohio

I absolutely adored getting to photograph this beautiful family of four to celebrate the birth of their daughter, Karsyn. As a Dayton, Ohio newborn photographer, a lot of families I will meet for the first time during their maternity or newborn sessions. Although that is incredibly special, I am honored to have worked with Jordan and Michael in the past. I actually shot their wedding while pregnant with my daughter Lilly!

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Two parents hold their kids, a toddler and a newborn, during their photoshoot with Dayton, Ohio's newborn photographer, Ashley Lynn Photography.

A close up on a newborn girl wearing a delicate white outfit with a blue bow on her head.

During their newborn photo session with Dayton photographer Ashley Lynn Photography, a husband and wife hold their newborn baby girl and smile for the camera.

A dad cradles his newborn daughter during baby's first photoshoot taken by Dayton newborn photographer Ashey Lynn Photography.

Newborn Photography Location

While the decision is ultimately my clients’, I almost always recommend we do newborn photography sessions in studio, as opposed to outdoors. This is the route we went with Karsyn’s shoot!

The great thing about in studio newborn sessions, is that they will look great no matter what the weather decides to do. This is especially good to keep in mind if you live somewhere where the weather can be a bit unpredictable, like Dayton, Ohio. Not to mention, studios offer temperature and lighting control to ensure the space is always cozy for baby.

In home newborn sessions are also great, as long as your home as adequate window lighting and the space.

At this Ohio studio space, we offer hair and makeup services at the salon right downstairs, along with a changing room where the wardrobe for mom and kids will be steamed and ready to go.

Speaking of wardrobe, take a look at the gorgeous pale blue and cream lace dress that Jordan is wearing in the photos! This is my new favorite piece in my wardrobe collection. When mom has on a stunning dress for newborn photos, you don’t need much else to make the images breathtaking.

A woman in a blue lace dress holds her newborn baby girl to her chest while smiling with Ashley Lynn Photography.

A close up of a newborn's tiny feet during a newborn photo session in Dayton, Ohio.

A mom leans over her newborn daughter who is in a white swaddle and wearing a bow on her head. Newborn Photography Session by Dayton Photographer.

Newborn Sessions & Siblings

With newborn photography, the most difficult images to capture are the sibling photos. This is especially true when the siblings are toddlers. Because of this, I try to get the sibling photos taken care of first thing. It’s important to me to prioritize these photos because they are usually some of mom’s favorites, mine included!

Kennedy was an angel during this newborn session. She did a great job giving baby Karsyn lots of kisses!

Dayton newborn photographer takes sibling photos. A newborn lies in a wicker basket while her toddler sister leans over and places a kiss on her head.

Two young siblings, a toddler and a newborn girl, relax together on a white bed during a newborn photoshoot.

A toddler kisses her newborn sister's head while they pose for photographs with Dayton, Ohio newborn photographer, Ashley Lynn Photography.

Dayton, Ohio Newborn Photographer

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